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Bullet Train controversy

I heard about this news recently:

crime in Japan

I think there is so much wrong with this story.









JR (Shinkansen) Bullet Trains already have a monopoly on the market, and currently do charge pretty high prices.  That in itself is already something Japan should look into.




The employee was blatantly cheating the system and pocketing money for himself.




The employee was clever enough to realize that the people he was targeting were most likely tourists and chances are they wouldn’t realize that anything was wrong.  However if they did, they would most likely be too busy to come back to make a complaint or wouldn’t have the language skills to report it.




However the employee was also assuming that any foreigner would not be actually living in Japan, know the language, or actually be able to do simple arithmetic.



JR also knows there is a problem but failed to solve it by reprimanding the worker.



Unfortunately when it comes to tourists and bringing in money to Japan, people within the industry have to realize that sometimes, the thing people remember the most when on vacation is the customer service and the local population.




This particular JR employee may be just one exception among 100s of honest hard working people, but the victims affected by the higher cost will only remember that one incident.




So please when being a business where it involves interacting with people, try to be in their shoes and see it from their point of view.




This was kind of a downer piece of news, but sometimes one has to stop and realize there are some negative people in this world out there.  Please pay attention to your surroundings.