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Who’s to blame?

Today in class, we had a conversation about children in schools that have fights or arguments.  We were wondering, who is to blame when two children fight in school.


Schoolchildren (14-16) having paper fight in classroom


In this particular case student A (a 4th grader in a public elementary school) was playing the piano when one of the classmates, student B, abruptly slammed the piano key lid on to student A’s hands.  Although there were no serious injuries, it was a very painful experience for sure.  Student B got away without any apology.  In the end, student A had to transfer to another school.


This event took place during after school hours, in the music room with no teachers around.





Now the question is, who is to blame for this?


In Japan, more times than not, the homeroom or head teacher is to blame, whether they are in the same room or not.  Then of course the entire school and possibly the board of education is at fault.


But ideally, who would be responsible for this?

Student A?  Student B? The teachers? The school?  The parents of student A?  The parents of student B?  What do you think?