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Sumo: Tradition vs Reality

In the last few years, perhaps even decades, the Japanese National Sport of SUMO has been having some problems.  Most recently this happened.


Sumo ring incident



The Mayor of Maizuru City, Ryozo Tatami, 66, was giving a speech in a gym near the Kyoto during a sumo tournament when he suddenly collapsed in the ring.


A few people came to his aid, which included many women.  In the customs of the SUMO world, females are banned from ever entering the ring.  The officials were upset and angrily called for the women to leave the ring immediately despite their coming to the aid of the mayor.  This upset a lot of people both domestically and especially internationally.


sumo video


Now the question is should SUMO strictly stick to their ancient and outdated, yet traditional customs and rules?  Or do they need to think about changing their image and adapt to the times.  Things that were ok 2000 years ago are not considered politically correct in 2018.



What can SUMO do to help bring back their popularity?  In the last few years, the entire sport has been hit with scandals and controversy.  Viewership and interest have been going down steadily for years now.  In order to survive, the entire organization of SUMO may need to rethink their ways if they want to be around for the next 2000 years.