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Back to the basics

A simple question was asked today in our lesson, but the answer was a bit more difficult to say.






“What is the best way to learn English?”











A few suggestions were given by the students.  Here is what they had to say.


studyabroad_landing (1)






Have fun.  Enjoy using English.


Live abroad.  Immerse yourself in the environment.


Talk to native speakers.


Actually practice using English out loud.  Repeat what you hear on a TV show or movie, sing your favorite English songs with a big voice or just talk to your pets in English.


Be motivated and try.  Ask yourself why are you studying?  What are your goals?


Make new friends.  They could be native English speakers or just your classmates who have a similar interest.



EnjoyLife copy






There are just so many ways to do it, other than reading a textbook.  The main thing to remember is to keep it fun!