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Beggars can’t be choosy….

I often hear about the labor shortage in Japan and the amount of overtime work people put into it.  But there also seems to be a lot of simple or logical solutions to the problem.


Recruiting more workers


It all depends on how companies will deal with the situation.



When I was in Hawaii, it was almost the opposite situation.  Many people couldn’t find any jobs.  There were too many people and not enough jobs for everyone.








If you owned a company or were in charge of hiring, how would you solve this problem?


I have a few ideas that could help:



Hire people based on working skills, not where they were born or what school they graduated from.



Hire more part time position workers to fill work shifts.



Eliminate yearly contracts.



Eliminate the whole April to March work year system, and hire or fire people as needed.



Have the government give tax breaks or financial assistance to companies that hire the disabled or ex-convicts.



Put men and women on an equal level and base salary and work position based on their skills.


Group of workers people. Isolated on white background



These are just a few ideas, how about you?  Do you have any other suggestions?