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Do you watch American TV shows?

This article made for an interesting point.  I do watch a lot of American TV shows, as well as a few Japanese TV shows.


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While some points the writer makes are valid, others are questionable.  What are your thoughts?


Foreign vs Domestic TV Shows


I guess it could be decided on a case by case basis, depending on what your viewing tastes are.




It could be argued that a cultural difference in background can affect how an audience enjoys something.


When I first started to learn Japanese, I really enjoyed watching music shows, especially Utaban, Hey Hey Hey, and  Music Station.  I believe my listening skills really improved just by observing.  Sadly, two of those shows no longer exist.


I think it just depends if you find a show you like, I believe everyone can enjoy any show, regardless of cultural background or language skills, as long as the content is good.