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Traveling the friendly skies.

In today’s lesson we talked about various airlines and how their service was.  We had to think about both domestic as well as international travel.

the top airlines in 2017


What are your favorite airlines to travel with?

I am no expert in flight travel, but I can give you my opinions.


When flying within Japan, since the flights are so short, I usually go with the cheaper fares.  Generally Jetstar has the cheapest flights.









The flight service is almost non existent, but all I need is my iPad and a couple of movies, and I am good to go.


Most of my traveling every year is to Hawaii and back.  I usually take Delta Airlines, but that is because I have special rates with them.  While the Business Class is a treat to travel on, the economy class is not.


Delta One_Alessi_2



I do prefer Korean Airlines for that.  Their service during the flight is top notch!




However their pre flight check in is a little too strict for me.


How about you?  What are your favorite airlines to travel with?  What are some bad airline experiences you had ?  Please share your stories!