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Staying fit at work?

Do you work long hours every day?  Do you have time to exercise?  Do you have a healthy diet?





It seems as though several companies are looking to get their employees to be more active.


Staying Fit


I am glad to see some people get into better shape.  But from what I have heard from various people about companies in the U.S., they provide facilities to solve these issues.




In the U.S., many offices offer cafeterias with salad bar or healthy choices to choose from.  Some also have an employee gym (including a shower room) for people to use before, after, and during lunch hours at work.




I think that would help solve a lot of these health issues at work as people would not have any excuses not to be healthy.





Going on a company excursion to the woods, may be nice for social reasons.  But I am not sure if they would be very effective in people’s daily lives.