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Monster Parents

In today’s lesson, we talked a little about “monster parents” which is a term to describe parents who are overprotective, among other things.  Another term to describe such people would be “helicopter parents.”  That nickname is to describe parents who always have to be involved in every little detail of their child’s life.  No room for freedom or self expression.  In a way both styles of parenting tend to stunt growth in a youngster.








Are you a monster parent?  Or have you ever met a helicopter parent?




helicopter mom rework




What is your opinion on such parents?  Is it a good thing?  Bad?  How does it affect the children involved?








From the stories I’ve heard, and the things I’ve seen or experienced, I personally feel that there are no positives to come from being a monster parent.  I don’t think anyone benefits from it.  The children only become rebellious or they lose confidence, the teachers are troubled with the burden of it all, and the parents could be spending their time in better ways as well.










I am sure there are much better ways to handle problems with our children’s education.    Do you have any ideas, alternatives, or solutions?