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everyday English practice

Today in our lesson we talked about daily English practice.








Some people think you have to study for 30 minutes, one hour, two hours a day when it comes to English.  Perhaps when you have an upcoming test, maybe they are correct.








But in all honesty, all it takes is a few minutes everyday.  5 minutes a day equals 35 minutes a week.  And that is a lot better than zero minutes every week.  So please give it a try.





My suggestion would be to watch any English spoken youtube video or listen to a song.




There are millions of English spoken videos on youtube.  They have videos on sports, celebrities, movies, books, and definitely ways to learn English.



maxresdefault (5)



learning English


All you have to do is watch a video and listen to what they say.  In some cases, try and repeat what they say.  Get used to saying English words.











The key here is, don’t watch a different video everyday, try and watch the same video over and over again to get used to it.  So try watching one video 7 times in one week.  Get to know the video really well, and then move on to the next one.








The same when it comes to an English song.  Find the lyrics online.  Listen to the song and read the lyrics as you listen to it.  Then try again, but this time sing along with the music.  Practice the same song 5 – 7 times in one week.  Then move on to the next one when you are comfortable.



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Bruno Mars – Just the way you are




Try different way and styles of practicing English until you find something you are comfortable with.  Keep it fun, fresh, and exciting.  Change it up once in a while when it becomes too easy!



practice using music




Just remember, all it takes is just five minutes a day!