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Using fame for positive results

Today in class we came across the subject of folk singer Chiharu Matsuyama, and his positive deed on an ANA Flight this past week.


Matsuyama provides musical surprise


I was not familiar with the story, but one of the students point it out for us to talk about.









In general, I feel many Japanese people seem to be irritable and rude on airplane flights.  It is possible that people from any country feel the same.  But because I often travel from Hawaii to Japan and back, I tend to notice the differences a little more.



So at times, even the slightest delay or problem can cause a lot of problems.  Thankfully this man helped eased tensions a bit.  To be quite honest, if there is a problem with safety involved, I would more than welcome a delay to get things checked out instead of rushing and not fixing needs to be changed.












Anyway, in the story a celebrity used his fame for good.  And that was a really nice move.  Many times you will hear a celebrity using their fame to only help themselves.  But in this case, he did it to help others.





Have you ever experienced something similar to this situation before?  Where someone volunteered their time or forgot about public embarrassment just to help others out?  Please share some of your thoughts!!!