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school reunions

Today in our discussion class, we talked a little bit about school reunions.






What are reunions?  Well, that’s when you haven’t seen your school classmates (or friends) for many years.  And then finally you decide to get together and all meet.




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I am not sure how Japanese reunions work, one student told me that her high school reunion included many different grades and classes, so over 1000 people attended.






In Hawaii, our high school reunions are generally for the graduating class of that year, by itself.






Coincidentally , I actually had my 20th year (I graduated 20 years ago) high school reunion.  Wow, I am old……….  Unfortunately I missed it, due to being out of the country.  But I heard it was a lot of fun.








How about you?  Have you had a school reunion recently?  Or will you have one?  Will it be for elementary, junior high or high school?  Maybe it will be to meet your ex co-workers?  Tell us about it!