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Hindsight is 20/20

Today in our discussion class, we had a student bring in an old newspaper from January 2014.  While it was only a few years ago, we realized that so many thing have changed since that time.




Can you think about how your life was in 2014, and how it is different now?  Obviously some changes during that time will be good, and other changes may have been bad.  But it is always interesting to take some time and think about your past once in a while.




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Another point we brought up was looking at things in hindsight.  Hindsight means to look at an entire situation AFTER everything has finished.  This also brings up the term “hindsight is 20/20.”




This refers to a person’s vision.  Perfect vision in the USA is known as having 20/20 eye sight.  When you are going through and experiencing an event, be it a school test, a birthday party, or a wedding ceremony, everything is happening live.  Sometimes you will make mistakes or the wrong decisions, and other times everything will be perfect.  However we cannot always be prepared for what happens in life, so sometimes we do the wrong thing.


Good or bad, opposite signs. Two opposite signs against blue sky background.




So when you can look at a situation that happened 3 or 4 years prior, you can tell yourself “I should have done that instead” or “I wish I paid more attention in school.”  You can assess the events and decide which was good or bad and reflect.  You can take the bad choices and make them perfect again, in your own mind of course.





Why is it it good to do this?  You can’t go back in time and change the past, right?  But, you can take those mistakes, learn from them, and use better judgement in the future.  So while hindsight is 20/20, your future has been unwritten yet.  You can make it anything you want it to be.  Make the necessary changes, and do it right the first time!