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High School graduates. USA vs Japan

There was an interesting topic of conversation in class today.  It was about high school graduates.









In Japan when students graduate high school, their homeroom teachers are supposed to look for job placements or university acceptances for their homeroom class students.  This is because many feel the students aren’t prepared to be independent yet.    Some say it is the final goal for teachers and their students.


6/12/14 - Cummings High School graduates applaud their teachers during the graduation ceremony at Cummings High School in Burlington, N.C. on Thursday June 12, 2014. (AP Photo/Burlington Times-News, Sam Roberts)




In the U.S.A.  the teachers have no responsibilities for any of this.  It is strictly up to the students to do their own things by themselves.  That is because they are now going to be considered adults and no one should be taking care of them anymore.


Which style do you think is better for those involved?  Which do you feel is in the best interest for the students?  Let me know your opinion.