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Studying Abroad

Have you ever thought of studying abroad?  Do any of your children have any desire to do the same?







As a person who has experienced this, I must say it is a grand experience that I feel everyone should try at least once in their lives.  Even if it’s for a short time, a few weeks or months would do just fine.




Benefits of Study Abroad 2_0




One of the students today mentioned that his daughter was going to study abroad later this summer for a few weeks.  She also had an interest in trying to do a one year program.  He is a little skeptical about allowing her to study for one year, and taking a break from her normal university classes.  And that delaying her graduation may hurt her in the future.  Which may be true, however I felt that it could also broaden her opportunities in the future if she did study abroad.








No one knows what will happen in five or ten years.  But my advice to him was, live for today and attempt to try new things that you have never experienced before.  You can’t really worry about what will happen in a few years.  You have to worry about today, first.