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Isn’t it romantic?

Many times during a lesson, my teaching plan gets thrown off track and goes on a tangent.  Luckily, sometimes the topic changes in a good way and makes the conversation a lot more interesting.






I do like to prepare before hand, but sometimes you can’t control the outcome.  Well today was one of those examples.






One of my students mentioned that he wanted to do something romantic or exciting for his wife.  It was an unexpected twist, but turned out to be a great discussion in class.  That is why I encourage people to share their experiences.  What may be boring or common to you, may be very interesting or new for someone else.






Luckily we had many men and women to ask this question.

“I want to be romantic for my wife, what should I do?”





(Some of the answers we had in class:)

give her a surprise present  (flowers, jewelry, a love letter)

cook for her a wonderful dinner

take her to a nice restaurant

take her to a hotel for the weekend to get away from things

(some very good suggestions from everyone!)


Gift wrapped in black paper


Unfortunately not every one agreed on all of the suggestions.  This led to another conclusion:



“all women are different, all women will have different reactions.”




Oh well, I guess all anyone can do is try!