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Studying domestically vs studying abroad.

In our lesson today, we talked about the differences between learning English only in Japan vs learning English in an English speaking country.






Unfortunately the students in the discussion did not have any experience in studying abroad.


We mentioned that students have different goals when studying English.  Some people study to pass a test, watch American movies without using subtitles, to travel around the world, for work, and many other various things.




For people studying English in Japan, it can be very useful for grammar and syntax, vocabulary building and test practicing skills.  You can accomplish a lot by doing that.


However, for people that really want to explore, meet new people and experience different cultures, I believe studying in an English speaking country is the better way to go to learn conversational abilities.









So we concluded that, depending on what your personal goals are in learning English, there are options to choose from.  Hopefully you will make the right call!




I will share one example here, I used to take a business Japanese course in my Hawaii college.  There were a lot of lessons on humble and honorific Japanese expressions, things you would hear in stores and hotels from workers to customers.  At that time I had no use for such knowledge, and I didn’t really pay attention to the lectures.   I had a decent grade in that class, but nothing to get excited about.  I should have tried harder.







Fast forward about 5 years later and I was now living in Japan.  Going to the supermarket and department stores everyday trying desperately to remember what I learned in that business class.  I sure did regret not trying harder in school.  Oh well, live and learn.