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Childhood Memories

Today in class we talked a little bit about our childhood memories.  What do you remember about your time as a child?  (around ages 5 – 12)






In Hawaii we may have had different experiences as children than the Japanese youth.




For example, one of my favorite memories as a kid was watching Saturday morning cartoons.  After a grueling week at school, nothing was better than waking up on Saturday morning, eating bowls of cereal and watching cartoons all day.






Another memory I have was playing video games.  In the 1980’s the Nintendo was huge!  (Famicom in Japan)  Every kid, every where was playing Super Mario Bros and Zelda all day long.






The toys back when I was a child was also so great.  They were so great, that I still collect some almost 35 years later!!







Hmmmm, it seems like most of my memories were of my Saturdays as a youngster.








I love reminiscing about my childhood, I could talk about it for days……What were your favorite childhood memories?