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Extending the converstion

In today’s discussion, we talked about extending the conversation when talking to someone your are not familiar with.




When you meet old friends, it is easy to talk about the old days or the many interests you have together.  But how about when you are at a party or your first day of work?







The first point mentioned today was to find something you have in common.  It is so much easier to have a conversation when you know about a topic so well.  It could be anything.  Your favorite foods, your favorite singers, a hobby you have, etc.  When you find that thing you both have knowledge about, it is so much easier to lengthen a conversation.


Another way you can extend the conversation is to go off topic and change the subject without knowing it.


'Jeffrey, you're going off-topic again.'


For example, you could be talking about food and restaurants.  Then all of a sudden you say that you had some bad chicken at a restaurant and then mention you had to go to the hospital as a result.  Next thing you know, your friend adds that he once dated a nurse and you continue talking about that.


So in one minute you’re talking about bad chicken and the next minute you’re talking about a nurse.  That is also a way to extend your conversation with someone!


We talked about many other things in class, so the next time you join, please use these practices to enjoy your conversations more!