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2017年 佐賀大学解答速報英作文をコンフォースが担当しました(後期)

佐賀新聞に掲出される佐賀大学解答速報の英作文を久留米ゼミナール コンフォースが担当しました。


Question: What does “intercultural dialogue” mean to you?

Example 1:

I think that “intercultural dialogue” is a means to open an unknown universe. I have two reasons to support this.

First, communicating with people around the globe helps us to eliminate our own biased ways of thinking. We have all learned a lot of things over many years. However, we cannot confirm whether or not some of them are true or false. Through that interaction, we can better understand the difference and change our narrow views.

Second, experiencing conversations in a multicultural society is the best teacher for one’s growth. Although education in our country is very good, the contents are limited. In our lives, there are much more things we don’t know yet. Cultural exchange enables us to learn something new, which makes us want to know more about it.

For these reasons, I think that dialogue between cultures is a door through which a new world is spread.



Example 2:


“Intercultural dialogue” in its true sense starts with deeper knowledge of your own country’s culture and history.  This is necessary to help you appreciate what you want to achieve through communicating with people from other regions.

At the same time, it is also very important to realize their backgrounds just as profoundly in order to be more sympathetic or considerate toward their stand.

Once you have an open mind, it will be easier to accept different points of view. Each nation should try to listen to each other while assertively expressing its own case. Unfortunately, some societies could try to distort facts for their own benefits. Sometimes you may feel it too difficult to fill opinion gaps. Other times you may need to compromise somewhat. Struggling to work through the problem, with patience and strong hope to make our planet better for every individual, is what proper international understanding is all about.