Today's word is: believe


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Example 1

Drivers in Ecuador were being pretty forgiving about the cause of a traffic jam this week. Why? Well, because the little animal, a sloth, was the cause. The sloth lost his way and was clinging to a pole.<…
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In order to achieve your goals, you can't give up.  If it were that easy, it wouldn't be worth fighting for.



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Another school year is coming to an end in Japan.  We started in April of 2016 and are finishing up in March 2017.


My question to all my students today was, what were your goals in our English classes this past year, and did you achieve them?



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One of the more absurd pieces of news out of the Trump Era in the U.S.A. is the whole "travel ban" debacle.



travel ban


And now this has started to affect…
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I'm from Hawaii where we have only one season all year.  "HOT"



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What is a bucket list?



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佐賀新聞に掲出される佐賀大学解答速報の英作文を久留米ゼミナール コンフォースが担当しました。


Question: What does "intercultural dialogue" mean to you?

Example 1:

I think that “intercultural dialogue” is a means to open an unknown universe. I have two reasons to support this.

First, communicating with people around the g…
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In Japan (outside of retail) working on a Sunday is rare for many Japanese people.  In Hawaii I used to do it all the time.


In fact I kind of preferred it, if I were to get a weekday off instead.  It is a lot easier to run errands on a Wednesday morning than it is on a Sunday morning I …
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