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Excuse me, what does this mean? ~ CONFORCE Gage先生より

Have you ever met someone who seemed lost?  Perhaps they were from another country, and didn’t really understand something you think is so easy and simple?






Today in our discussion class, the topic was about “explaining things.”


If you met this lost foreigner who was visiting Japan, could you help him out?  Could you explain some common street signs to him?  Or some common customs that he might not understand?


Here are some examples:





First was this sign.  This sign is a little confusing.  It shows a man and a woman, common for restroom signs.  However the bottom of the sign says “W” and “C.”  What does that stand for?  I am from Hawaii and have never seen a sign like this.  Can you explain what “W C” means in English?


Another Japanese sign is this:







What does this sign mean?  Can anyone help?  Does it mean, no 60 minutes allowed?


Another sign that may seem confusing or even make people angry is this sign:




How would you explain this to a happy tourist from the United States?  This sign could be a cultural difference problem as well.


This was our discussion today, we talked about how to explain certain Japanese items to people not native to Japan.


Hopefully someday you will come across a situation like this and maybe you can even help someone out.  I am sure they would appreciate the help.