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100 years ago ~ CONFORCE Gage先生より

I had some sad news in my family last long. I was a very sad moment, it was expected to happen. Why is that? Well it was because she was 100 years old When she died. She definitely lived a long and wonderful life.






I don’t want to end this article on a sad note.  The point I wanted to make was, what was life like 100 years ago? How has the world changed since then?

Life in 1917

The world has changed in 100 years

Tokyo - A typical street scene.

Tokyo – A typical street scene.




I often tell my younger students “when I was your age, we did not have have smart phones or the Internet!


I was was a said, “we did not have have TVs when I was your age, we did not have running water in our house when I was your age, Or we did not have food to eat on certain days!


It is just so amazing how different life was 100 years ago, and how much different it will be in 2117. Can you even imagine that?



I will miss my step – grandmother, but wow, what an amazing life she must have lived?



She lived through two world wars, she lived to see the Internet, she experienced a great depression as well as a very profitable 1980s. She owned both a phonograph and an MP3 player. Simply amazing!