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Will gambling be good or bad for Japan? ~ CONFORCE Gage先生より

Last month Japan decided to legalize gambling to possibly help boost the economy.

Japan legalizes gambling

Casinos in Japan?



This will probably lead to the creation of casinos in Japan.  The question is, will this be a good thing or a bad thing for Japan?


There are definitely pros and cons on this issue.


In Hawaii, gambling is illegal.  However there is a lot of illegal underground gambling going on which often leads to crime and a lot of police manpower and pay is used to help control all of it.  People in Hawaii often wonder, if it were legal, would it make things better or worse?






I have been to Las Vegas, I have seen the glamour and excitement that gambling brings.  People don’t have to pay a state tax, land is cheap, and there seems to be a lot of money for everyone!  On the other hand, there are a lot of homeless people, violence and drug problems on the streets.


I have never been to Macau, but people seem to enjoy it there.


In Japan there is already a lot of pachinko and horse racing betting stations all over, will casinos really make a difference?


In my opinion, I think bringing in casinos would be a good idea.  It would create more jobs, help with the economy, and most likely bring in more Asian tourists to spend money in Japan.  Since “the house always wins” in Las Vegas, hopefully the same will be said of Japan.