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Coming of Age Day ~ CONFORCE Gage先生より

Last week was “coming of age” day in Japan, where the youth of Japan are recognized as adults.




I am not really familiar with the customs revolving around this day in Japan.  I do understand it is a day where it celebrates youths becoming adults.


But from what I see on TV, I feel it is just a day for the young to act crazy one last time in front of their friends and dressing up.


Perhaps it is a cultural difference.


In the U.S. there is no set coming of age day.  All we do when someone turns 21 is, we take them to the bar for the first time.  So this could be on any day during the year.




And everyone buys them drinks until they are unconscious.  And then the fun ensues.





Well maybe things aren’t that different between the U.S. and Japan after all.


Either way, I want to say congratulations to all of the young people who officially became adults this month.


Now you get to join the workforce and pay some bills!!!