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  • 2016,12
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Happy – Unhappy

What are some things that make you happy?  What are some things that make you unhappy?  What kind of things can change your outlook or mood instantly?




Today we discussed a little bit about this in our class discussion.


Some things that can make us happy might be a person, family, friends, or happy children.


For others it might be a material item, maybe new shoes, a new car, or even a new job.



It could also just be something we don’t really notice, like a friendly greeting, a compliment, or just a sunny day.







What makes you unhappy?


Perhaps bad weather, losing a sports contest, or even just a bad meal.



However we really don’t want to think of negative thoughts.




So when you are feeling sad or angry, what things can instantly make you feel happy again?






Perhaps a cute animal, a good cookie, or just a friendly smile?



As for me, whenever I feel stressed out, I try to think happy thoughts if possible.  I usually think of my pet dog.  He always brings a smile to my face.