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Getting to the next level………….isn’t always fun and games.

An interesting point came up to me the other day about one of my classes the other day.


One of the younger students mentioned that the class “was too long” and wondered “where were the games?”


Please keep in mind that I knew this student since he was in the first grade of elementary school, and he couldn’t even identify the difference between the letters L, M, and N.  And now, two years later he can read and write complete English sentences.




After hearing his comments, I thought about it for a while, and it made me wonder.



What is more important?  A student having fun in a lesson or a student getting to that next skill level?



Obviously it all depends on who you ask.



If you ask an 8 year old child, they couldn’t care any less about studying, they just want to play.



If you ask a parent who wants their child to excel in school, they might want the student to learn as much as they can.



Some parents may just want the child to enjoy themselves and aren’t worried about their skill level.



If you ask a dedicated adult student who is looking to move abroad, they may want to study 24/7.



Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.



However, as the teacher of such a student, it just opens up more questions.



Clearly I would like for the student to learn AND have fun.



But sometimes as a child gets older, their skill level develops, and if you include the time restrictions in a class,  some things inevitably need to be sacrificed.



When a student is just learning the names of colors or their ABCs, there’s a ton of fun activities that can be done.



But when you start moving into grammar and writing sentences, it gets a little more difficult to learn the basics as well as have fun activities in a short period of time.



What are your opinions on this matter?