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Conforceより “Hail To The Chief”

This past week, the United States of America elected their 45th President.  Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in a close election, and definitely one of the most dramatic and entertaining elections of all time.




It was also an election where many voters did not really care for either candidate.  Hillary Clinton actually had more votes to her name, but Donald Trump received the most Electoral Votes, which was the most important count.



Voting Results






A lot of people were shocked by these results.  Some were happy, some were upset.  However, no matter how anyone actually feels, it is reality.  Donald Trump will be the next U.S. President come January 2017.


How will it affect the U.S.A., Japan, England, and the rest of the entire world?  Only time will tell.


It hasn’t even been a week, and already the controversy has been all over the place.


unfortunate events


Uncomfortable Meetings




Welcome To The Jungle



It’s gonna be an eventful 4 (possibly 8) years, so get some popcorn and watch this presidential term unfold.

・ Hail to the Chief: 大統領に敬礼

・ candidate: 候補者

・ electoral vote: 選挙人投票

・ controversy: 論争