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英語でTexting or Calling!!

How do you communicate with your friends and family on a daily basis?







Do you text each other using your phone’s applications?


unnamed why-delete-kik-chats-messages




Do you dial their number and call?




Do you get on facetime or skype and have a visual chat?


ipad-iphone-ios9-facetime-hero mac4


Whatever your preferred way of communication is, do you converse with anyone in English?


It is a very good way to practice your English communications, without going to your lessons.






You don’t even have to talk to native speakers.  Try chatting with your Japanese friends and family members and only speak in English for a couple of minutes.  Don’t be shy, it is a great way to get some extra English practice time!   Give it a try!

・ on a daily basis: 日常的に

・ converse with ~: ~と話をする

・ give it a try:  試してみる