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Small Talk

Have you ever been to a party or any social event and didn’t know anyone there?  What do you do in that situation?



Well in such situations, you would have to mingle or socialize.  Meet and talk with new people for the first time.  When meeting new people, you engage in “small talk.”



Small talk is a short conversation that isn’t too personal and can involve anyone.



When meeting people for the first time, what do you say?  What are the like?  What is something you shouldn’t say?  Those are the key points when making small talk.


You could talk about many things including: the weather, sports, TV, movies, music, work situations, food, restaurants, traveling, etc.  Whatever you think is interesting.


The best way to do it is to find what you have “in common” with the other person.  What interests do you share?


There are also subjects you shouldn’t talk about with people you have just met.  Heavy topics such as politics, finance, personal family matters, weight, appearances, etc.


Smiling students talking outdoors


So the next time you are at a party or a social event, practice your small talk skills.  It’s as simple as just saying “hello.”