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TOEIC exam review / advice

Did you take the recent TOEIC test at Kurume Seminar school?











It was an experience that brought me back to my days in college.  I haven’t been a college student in 11 years!  Wow, has it been that long?


There was a lot of pressure and stress as I took the test, because time went by so fast. Also as a native speaker of English, it was added pressure as the test was designed for learners of English as a foreign language.


Thankfully I did alright, my score was not perfect, but it was not terrible either. The main reason I took the test was to gain the experience and knowledge of preparing for the test. Here are some thoughts I have after taking the exam first handed.









  1.  You must take the practice tests (mock exams.)  One of the hardest parts of the test for me was time management.  You may think you have a lot of time, but you don’t.  You have 200 questions that need to be answered.  My advice is, if you miss a question or do not have a clue as to what the answer is, just leave a mark and fill in the blank later.  Move on to another question.  If you dwell on the difficult problem for too long, it will make you lose a lot of valuable time.


  1.  Don’t over stress or study too much for the test.  It will just make you become more tense and perhaps make you lose focus on the test.  Here is a tip, if you are studying your notes on the day of the test, you are studying to much.  The night before, you shouldn’t be studying, you should be relaxing.  Hang out with friends, watch a movie, go to the gym, whatever it is you do to help you relax.  You have done all the studying that you can, it’s time for the real deal!


  1. Get a good night’s sleep (at least 6 hours, but no more than 8) and eat a nice breakfast.  If you are feeling hungry during the test, it will be all that you will think about.


  1. Gain experience.  I didn’t study or prepare for this test, but I am a native speaker, so I felt that I didn’t have to.  I was wrong.  I could understand the questions and answering was fine.  But I wasn’t ready for the amount of time and style of questions that were involved with on the test.  For example on the listening portion, they play a dialogue and then ask you the questions.   Many times, the information comes so fast, that you forget little details.  So my advice is, when the story is happening, make a small mark on your answer sheet as it happens.  That way you can remember more of what was said.  I will not take this test a second time, but I believe that if I did, just experiencing the test once will help me get a better score the second time around.



Those are my suggestions for taking this test.  My thoughts on the actual test, it was difficult, but not impossible.  As long as you prepare for it, and gain experience, you should be ok on the test.  You may not got a score in the 800’s or 900’s, but I think you can feel satisfied with a feeling of accomplishment by completing the test and achieving a decent score.


Good luck!