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When meeting people in unfamiliar settings.

If you ever travel abroad, and attend a social gathering event or a business conference, there is a very good chance that you will meet new people.


In such situations,  what do you say?  How do you act?  It may be possible that you cannot communicate in the same language or have different cultural backgrounds.




There are many different countries and cultures in the world.  Do you have any experiences you would like to share?


How are parties and gatherings in other countries similar or different compared with Japan?




There are a few things you can always depend on, no matter where your party is.


Introduce yourself in a positive manner.  Get to meet as many people as you can.


Keep an open mind, some things at the parties you will like and some you won’t like, but try new things and go with the flow of what’s happening.


Use gestures and body language if you cannot communicate verbally.


Smile.  Always smile, because you never know who will be watching.


Have fun!