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The Art of Conversation

Everyone has had a conversation with someone before.    We have them everyday at work, at home, or in social situations.





However some conversations are more enjoyable than others.  Why is that?


Here are some things to think about:


  1. What are your interests?  Having interests in many things can open up a lot of new conversations as well as meeting new people.  If you have limited interests or knowledge in something, sometimes it can be difficult to participate in the discussion.
  2. Do you need to dominate the conversation?  Whenever you have two or more people in a group, generally one person will tend to take over as an unofficial leader.  Sometimes it will be welcomed, other times, not so much.  However which type of person are you when conversing with others?  Do you have the need to be the dominant person?  Do you tend to be submissive and kind of hold back when talking?  Or can you speak on both sides of the chat?
  3. Do you feel comfortable talking to others?  Some people feel more relaxed when talking to people of the same sex or nationality.  Others feel pressure talking to their peers or people who are bigger than them.  Perhaps you only enjoy talking to someone who has the same interest or background as you?  Whatever the case is, figure out how you can be comfortable when talking to others, and then enjoy it!


Well, hopefully all of this will help you a little in practicing your conversational skills.


The next time you are at the supermarket, try to start a conversation with someone and discuss the beauty of the produce section.




Maybe you will make a new friend?