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Tell me a story!

When you are talking with a group of friends or strangers, it is always good to have some fun stories to tell.  Those short stories are also known as “anecdotes.”




An anecdote is an amusing short story about something that happened to you in your life.


It could be funny, serious, sad, or even shocking.


But hopefully it is entertaining to hear.



That’s why it’s good to experience many things throughout your life.  That way you can have a chance to tell your story to more people.


You can use any topic you want.


It could be your daily life.  Tell me a funny story that happened at work.


It could be about something you saw on T.V.  Maybe there was an interesting show on?


It could be about shopping at the supermarket.


Tell me about your last party.  Did anything embarrassing happen?  Did you say something that made everyone mad at you?





Do you have any good anecdotes to tell?  Give it a try the next time you have a conversation with someone!