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Teacher’s sometimes learn from their students!

One of the best things about talking to students is learning new things from them.


One of my current students is in the dentistry field.


For the people that know me well, one of my biggest fears in life is going to the dentist.


I am deathly afraid of what they do inside of my mouth.  I have a very low tolerance of pain there.


But I digress, that particular student told me a little about “digital dentistry.”




He didn’t go into much details, but the main point was, digital dentistry will be quicker in the future and it will involve LESS PAIN!


And that was all I needed to hear to be happy.


The point of this blog entry was to state that, I enjoy learning things from my students.  So please tell me about what you do in your every day lives.  It may be boring and repetitive to you but it is definitely new to me!




Even the Rainbow Kids teach me something new everyday.  They mostly teach me how to be young and carefree again!


So please don’t be afraid to share some of your life stories.  It may be educational for us all!