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Express Yourself!

One of the wonderful things about the English language is how much variation there is in speaking it.




There are so many ways to say certain words.



For example, in Japanese you often hear words such as “かわいい” or “すごい.”



Unfortunately you hear those words a majority of them time from people, maybe 95% of the time?



It can get a little repetitive or boring to hear the same thing over and over.



So that’s why English is a great language to learn, there are so many ways to say things. Here are just a few other ways to say”かわいい” or “すごい.”



“かわいい”                                                               “すごい.”

cute                                                                       amazing

charming                                                                wonderful

adorable                                                                 superb

charming                                                                incredible

delightful                                                                unbelievable

lovely                                                                     astonishing


So next time you have a conversation with someone or writing something in English, try using different words and express yourself!



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A “thesaurus” is your best friend for doing this!