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Places in Japan

Where is your favorite place to visit in Japan?  Where do you not enjoy going to in Japan?



In class today, we made a list of places in Japan, from A-Z.


There are so many places to visit and explore.  It could be an island, such as Shikoku.  It could be a prefecture such as Oita.  It could be a city such as Osaka.  It could be a chain store such as Yodobashi Camera or 7-11.  It could be a place everyone goes to, such as the bathroom, the hospital, or maybe even in your own house!


(Here are just a few examples that some students wrote on their list.)



A = Aomori

B = Beppu

C = Cocoichi Curry

D = The Dentist’s Office

E = an Elementary School


After sharing our lists, we had a discussion on our answers.  I asked the following questions.


1.  Where is your favorite place in Japan?  Why?


2. Where is your least favorite place in Japan?  Why?


3. Where would you like to visit in Japan?  Why?


We had so many different answers and a lot of side stories were told as well.  It was a very educational lesson today.


Why not give it a try?  Go ahead and try to answer those questions with your friends and see what kind of answers you can come up with!




(This is one of my personal favorite places to visit in Japan.)