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“Gotta Catch Em All”

There are many popular fads or “flavor of the month” items that come and go in the world.



Japan is no exception.  Do you remember these fads that were so popular at one time?





Currently in the U.S.A., a new smart phone game is all the rage.  And it’s origins come from Japan.


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The latest fad is called “Pokemon Go.”  It was just released this month, and there has already been so much controversy over a game that was meant for children.


Back in 1995, Pokemon was created in Japan, and millions and millions of video games, books, toys, and movies were created over the last 20 years.  It has been a world phenomenon and a household name for the last two decades.  And things are only heating up.


The object of this game is to find the Pokemon characters in the real world.  You can find them in parks, stores, cars, hospitals, and almost anywhere that you can imagine.  You use you smart phone cameras, and GPS maps to find these Pokemon!


Sounds fun right?


Well apparently, it may be a little too fun.  This game has caused some problems……


Gotta catch em all!


While the Nintendo Co. is making billions of dollars, it seems like a lot of people are not paying attention to their surroundings.  This has resulted in deaths, accidents, robbery, trespassing, and violence.   The lesson here is, be smart, and watch where you are going!


Although a lot of CAUTIOUS people are really enjoying themselves as well!


This game has yet to be released in Japan.  But when it does, please be safe and watch out for your surroundings.  Don’t get into too much trouble, and have fun!