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Breaking the ice!

What do you say when you meet new people?


What do you do at a party when you don’t know anyone?


How can you make new friends?


There is a term used in the U.S.A, we say “break the ice” or we do an activity called an “ice breaker.”




You might be thinking, “why do we need to break ice?”


Well actually “break the ice” or “ice breaker” is an idiom.  You don’t actually break ice in this case.  But basically you are just eliminating the awkward or uncomfortable moment when meeting new people.  The ice breaker helps make the mood more comfortable, and it’s easier to talk with others.  It’s kind of a social confidence booster.


Usually most people become shy or don’t know what to do when interacting with strangers.


Some people break the ice by asking a silly question.  “So, what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?”


Some people just simply say their name and introduce themselves.  “Hello, I’m _______.  What’s your name?


Some people get really creative and make a whole routine for meeting someone they have never met before.


Here are some examples of ice breakers.


Sometimes, you will go to a party.   In such cases, you tend to meet numerous new faces in a short time. In those situations, people play ice breaker party games.  It’s a way to get people to start interacting with each other.


In today’s English conversation lesson, we tried two easy ice breaker activities.  Maybe you could give it a try?


  1. “The A- Z game”

In this game, there is a topic given.  For example: food, animals, or country names.


Then each of the participants (or teams) make a list of words.  The key point is, you have to give a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet.  For example (food): A-apple, B-bread, C-cake, and so on.


However, there should be a time limit, and the person (or team) with the most words, wins.


Of course spelling counts!!


In the case of a tie, you can count the amount of letters used in each word.  The person (or team) who used the most letters, wins!


TwoTruthsAndALie-1024x1024 (2)


2.  “2 Truths and a Lie”


In this game, each person will write three sentences.  Two of those sentences will be true.  One of those sentences will be a lie.



For example:


1. I can play the piano.


2. I like the cold weather.


3.  I can cook spaghetti.


When you finish writing the sentences, share them with the group. Then you can see if people can guess which sentences was a lie!  (In the example, number 1 was a lie for me.)  You can be really creative and have fun with this exercise.


There are many different types of ice breaking activities and conversation starters out there.  Give it a try!


The next time you are in a situation of meeting people for the first time, let’s use some ice breaking activities to feel more comfortable with people and gain some confidence!


Good luck!