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Are you ready to get wet?

We have entered the rainy season…….






It is late June – early July now, and of course, it’s everyone’s favorite time of year.  It’s the rainy season in Japan.


Do you enjoy this time of year or is it troublesome for you?


I have been living in Kurume for the last 11 years, and I still cannot get used to it.  My shoes and socks always get destroyed by the amount of water puddles I walk in.


In Hawaii, we don’t have rain like Japan does.  We have showers.  Showers last for a few minutes and then go away.  People say that if you don’t like the weather, just wait for 20 minutes, and it will change.


I don’t think I owned more than two umbrellas in my entire life in Hawaii.


During the rainy season in Japan, with the strong winds, sometimes I go through two umbrellas in a day.  Some times they just break so easily.


Rainbow over Waikiki Beach, HI


Sometimes people ask me, do you like Hawaii better or do you like Japan better?


My answer is always the same.  From October to May, I like Japan better.  But from June to September, I like Hawaii a lot more.


Now, I am just counting the days until it is sunny enough to go to the beach in Fukuoka!