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Time to party!!!



It is now the rainy season in Japan, and people tend to feel a little down and not have a lot of positive energy in their daily lives during this time.  So today in our discussion class, we talked about different types and styles of parties from around the world. What kind of parities do you have?


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We talked about different styles of parties in New Zealand, the Philippines, Hawaii, and even in Japan.


Japanese parties seem to always have a theme.  For example, thee are “nabe” parties, “takoyaki” parties, women only parties, and karaoke parties.


New Zealand parties seem to have a family friendly style.  Where they get together, have a big meal, watch movies, and talk all night.


Parties in the Philippines seem to have many many types of dishes and deserts.


Parties in Hawaii seem a little crazy at times and they get very loud.  They have a lot of food, people, and fun.  But sometimes it ends too soon, when the police come!


Alia Saad marries Arman Moazzez at The Gaylord in National Harbor, MD on Saturday September 10, 2011. Photo by Garrett Hubbard © 2011


But no matter what kind of party you have, wedding, Christmas, retirement, welcome, graduation, farewell, Halloween, or just a karaoke party, just remember to have fun and enjoy yourself!


Oh, and take many pictures if you can!