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Today’s Word

Today’s Word : STEREOTYPE


A Fixed Idea That Many People Have About A Person, Place, Thing Or A Group That May Often Be Untrue Or Only Partly True.


( It’s unfair to Stereotype People According To Where They Live. )



In Our Conversation Classes Last Weekend, We Discussed The Stereotypes That People Have About Other Countries.
For Example, Most People Outside Of Japan, May Think That Japanese People Only Eat Sushi Or Wear Kimono Everyday. Some Stereotypes About Hawaii May Be That People Only Eat Loco Mocos Or Go To The Beach Everyday. While There Is Some Truth To This, It Is Always Not The Case.


In some Situations, Stereotypes May Or May Not Be True And In Some Cases, Stereotypes Could Be Either Positive Or Negative.


So If you plan to study a foreign language or take a trip abroad, open you mind and explore new things. Do not take the stereotypes that people have as the truth.


Develop your own opinions and enjoy yourself!