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It’s nice to meet you.

Hello there, I would like to introduce myself.  I am one of the new teachers here at Kurume Seminar Schools.  You can find me all around the campus.  My name is Gage Fukunaga, and I am originally from Hawaii.  You can see me in classes almost every day at either Rainbow Kids, CONFORCE, Clark School, Kyouseikan School, as well as in the Japanese Course classes.



Here is a little information about me.  I was born and raised in Hawaii.  I have attended universities in both Hawaii and Japan in Kobe and Osaka.  I have also worked in classrooms in both Japan and Hawaii, teaching children as young as 3 years old all the way to people who were well into their 80’s.  I hope to continue to working with more people as the years move on.


I have come to enjoy Kurume, living here for the past 11 years or so.  I have met many wonderful people and visited many places.  Although I think I will always remember Kurume for its food.  The ramen and yakitori are excellent, especially the buta bara yakitori and tonkotsu ramen.



My hobbies include, watching movies, listening to music, taking pictures, and I enjoy watching sports.  I also enjoy spending time with my favorite dog, NUI!




If you see me around Kurume Seminar school, please say hello!  Thank you.